Empower Patients and Clinicians Across the Care Continuum

PEP Health allows organisations to effortlessly implement patient-centric and continuum of care initiatives without additional staffing requirements.

Improve the patient experience and organisational workflows by delivering automated and personalised communications to patients that align with best practice clinical pathways.

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Legal Protection

Protect your organisation with informed consent and GDPR compliance. Ensure transparency with easily accessible terms of use, procedure and intervention information.

Reduce Workloads

Reduce expenditure resulting from patient non-compliance or non-attendance. Remind patients of appointments and medication schedules with in-app notifications.

Keep Patients Informed

Informed patients of pre and post operative care information. Time delivery of information based on the patient's stage in their journey and changing circumstances.

Patient Support Programs

Provide patients and caregivers with education and adherence support programs for leading-edge therapies.

Track Patient Progress

Implement a feedback loop to collect and review a patient's progress over time. Automate filtering to flag at-risk patients based on defined parameters.

Monitor Engagement Analytics

View de-identified patient data across departments for a holistic view of pathway and content engagement metrics.

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Meet the Future of Patient-Centred Healthcare

Improve the patient experience by delivering personalised communications to patients that align with best practice clinical pathways.
Patient details screen

Patient Details

See a holistic view of patient details and triage information.

  • Patient Details
  • View of the journey overview screen

    Patient Admin Checklist

    Ensure all patients undergo standard administration checks throughout their journey. Address pre-determined flags of at-risk patients.

  • Patient Admin Checklist
  • View of the results screen

    Patient Results

    Track patient progress from a range of patient generated health data sources and create notes. View results collected from PROM’s and PREM’s.

  • Patient Results
  • Dashboard administration screen


    Manage your organisation and department dashboards with permissions-based user access and privileges.

  • Administration
    • View of the Notifications screen


      Send sequenced and clinically aligned notifications to patients with personalised messaging.

    • Notifications
    • View of the content screen

      Content Library

      Provide patients with information that is aligned with best practice. Manage a library of documents, videos, messages and forms.

    • Content Library
    • View of the Pathway creation wizard

      Pathways Creator

      Create and manage clinical pathways for patients that align specifically to the processes and workflows of your organisation, departments or healthcare teams.

    • Pathways Creator
    • View of the analytics screen


      View aggregate, de-identified data on segmented patient groups, including engagement analytics.

    • Analytics
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