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I'm a patient
I'm a Patient

Be empowered throughout each phase of your health and care journey.

I'm a Clinician
I'm a Clinician

Facilitate patient engagement and promote optimal patient health.

I'm Part of a Health Organisation
Health Organisation

Support patients and care teams to deliver better health outcomes.

I'm A Researcher
I'm a Researcher

Engage participants and easily collect data to further your research.

Personalised Information

Content is personalised to each unique health journey and patient circumstances.

Progress Tracking

A patient's progress can be tracked and reviewed throughout the health journey.

Connected Care Teams

Patients, clinicians and care teams are connected, with access to important medical contacts.

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A Circle of Trust

Important health information and progress can be shared with a circle of trust.

Personal Records

Important health and medical information is consolidated in one place.

Content Library

Access communications and important health information from a range of trusted sources.

Please note that the availability of some features may be dependent on your connected health organisation.

PEP Health Dashboard

The clinical dashboard enables the delivery of personalised and segmented communications to patients based on specific patient health pathways.

The dashboard provides the care team with actionable information and a holistic view of the patient population, their conditions, and their progress.

  • Create personalised engagement programs suited to clinic or department needs and reduce patient non-compliance.
  • Collect and review patient-generated health data across the entire patient journey.
  • Reduce litigation risk with controlled documents, informed consent and terms of use.
  • Reduce overheads with a sophisticated automated communications system.
  • Support patient-centricity and the patient experience whilst encouraging better health outcomes.
  • Systematically ensure communications are aligned with best practice.
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